About Speak Speak

Welcome to Speak Speak, a space where Grizzly Grizzly speaks with exhibiting artists.
Grizzly Grizzly  is an artist collective in Philadelphia, PA. Members are all practicing artists who also curate exhibitions, performances and alternative programming.  Our ongoing mission is to blur organizational lines, promote community, and – above all, take risks.

Grizzly Grizzly began in 2009 and is currently under the stewardship of Talia Greene, Amy Hicks, Michael Konrad, Ephraim RussellCindy Stockton Moore, and Josh Weiss.  For more about our monthly programming, click here.

Speak Speak
Every month, Grizzly Grizzly will posit questions to our exhibiting artists. These will be big picture questions, designed to give context to their work and working process.
We hope that you will enter the conversation and give us your thoughts as well.