Mike Richison’s “Simulsuck” Tonight 6 to 10 pm

Simulsuck @ Grizzly Grizzly
 On the eve before its August vacation, 
Grizzly Grizzly features Simulsuck , a performance by New Jersey-based artist Mike Richison. Incarnated here as a sculpture of found objects with musical inclinations, Simulsuck is an iteration of Richison’s ongoing project to rig recycled materials into technologically savvy orchestras. Featuring video and experimental […]

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Jeff Williams Review, I’m losing count :)

Jeff Williams’ Low-fi industrial strength art at Grizzly Grizzly Jeff Williams’ low-fi industrial strength art at Grizzly Grizzly By guest writer | August 3, 2011 By Becky Hunter To access Jeff Williams’ pair of low-fi dissolving machines in Grizzly Grizzly’s appropriately-industrial, paint-pocked space, you must squeeze past a waist-high concrete beam held horizontal by a hydraulic jack under it and by its […]

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