Jesus Freaks

Jesus Freaks, curated by Jacque Liu at Grizzly Grizzly, presents three artists who use Jesus as source material.  This exhibition uses humor, satire, audience interaction, and cultural icons to reflect our society’s diverse and complex relationship with Jesus.

Jesus Freaks includes the work of Mike Ellyson, Kim Faler and Josh Rickards.

Events at the opening, Dec 3, 2010
-There will be a performance by Mike Ellyson as George Washington reading about his time in Barbados with baby Jesus at 8 p.m.
-There will be a breaking of Kim Faler’s Virgin Mary pinata at 10 p.m.

From the artists:

Mike Ellyson

George Washington And Baby Jesus in Barbados, Book Signing and Reading
Hello I’m George Washington, tonight I’m going to introduce my new book, well my only book, about an experience I had in Barbados in 1751.   I just finished the book not to long ago, and well I had a revelation near the end in writing it.  For you see I misunderstood something said to me by a man in Barbados, an interpreted all wrong my whole life, and I finally know now what the man meant.   For this book has shown me the way, the truth, and light, for I was silly in thinking it meant what I thought it meant.  For I have been keeping this something a secret for many years of my life from my wife for whom I have dedicated the book. On the evening of the book talk and signing I’m going to come out with it and apologize to my wife, in hopes for her understanding and support on getting on with our lives together.

TV credits for Mike include The Wire and The West Wing.

Kim Faler
Virgin Mary, 2010, paper, rosary and gold leaf, 34″x16″x7″

Using architecture and everyday objects as pinpoints of departure, I create installations
and photographs that press functionality against absurdity and routine against perception.
By bending the use of materials, perspective and contexts, I’m able to mend apart
expectations and re-define how we experience the familiar.

Kim is a Fulbright Scholar as well as a Joan Mitchell Foundation Grantee.

Josh Rickards
series of 5 collages

Josh is a former member of Vox Populi Gallery.


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