“The Honeymooners” – Paul Outlaw and Jennifer Catron

Come for a night of performances May 7th beginning at 6 pm.

Artist Statement

“The Honeymooners”

Paul Outlaw and Jennifer Catron

In “The Honeymooners,” Paul Outlaw (him) and Jennifer Catron (her) fulfill the roles of a fantasy gone awry, each becoming a character of a common reality struggling with disappointed hopes and dreams.  A restrained and familiar drama unfolds in a delightfully downtrodden and quizzically bizarre kitchen setting complete with cartooned appliances, subtle surprises, and an air of passive aggressive resentment.  Both characters refuse to address each other directly and remain unaware of their strange surroundings while interacting with every visitor that stops by their humble habitat, creating a scenario of humor and unease as despondent reality collides with a caricature of domesticity. Mimicking situational comedies and cartoons, the performance presents cheerless reality sugar-coated in voyeuristic slapstick and behavioral comedy.


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